Why No Insurance?



We Do Not Accept Insurance as Payment For Services


At the Matrix Repatterning Therapy Center Of Minnesota (formerly Integral Chiropractic), we treat one client per hour and up to 6 clients per day. There are many clinics that may see that many clients or more per hour. Since insurance reimbursement is an arbitrary decision made by a third party who has never seen you, examined you and has no understanding of the type of work we do, accepting an arbitrary system as payment for services for the work we do for you would be economically untenable and not allow for us to provide this service at all.

Therefore, our commitment has been to provide excellent care that brings value to you, the client, and is fulfilling for us, the clinicians, in terms of the types of results we can bring to people with difficult chronic conditions.

Matrix Repatterning Therapy is an investment in your future health through a series of treatments (generally in the ball-park of 6 to 12 in number) and can be done at a pace that works for you.