I was born and raised in New Jersey as a part of a large active family.  After receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology at Richard Stockton State College in New Jersey, I moved to Minnesota to attend Chiropractic School at Northwestern Health Sciences University.  Chiropractic and alternative health care truly interested me as I was disillusioned with the traditional medical care I had received for sports injuries.  I was sure there had to be another way, and began investigating chiropractic care.  I connected with a practicing chiropractor my sister had been seeing with successful results.  Upon spending time with him, observing his practice and receiving care, I dedicated my career path and passion toward Chiropractic care.  I chose Northwestern Health Sciences University because of their strong reputation in the basic sciences (anatomy, physiology and related courses) among the chiropractic colleges, but also because from what I knew of Minnesota, it would be so cold and frozen that it would keep me inside studying. Then I fell in love with the Twin Cities and Minnesota and found it impossible to leave. 

As we began to learn about the human body, I couldn’t separate the function of the muscles from the joints, as they seemed to be one interconnected system.  Even as a student I began to specialize in various soft tissue/muscle techniques. During my senior year I worked for a Chiropractor who would adjust his clients then send them down the hall for me to perform the necessary muscle therapy.  This helped to further clarify that the musculoskeletal body is a holistic joint/muscle/nervous system complex which has defined my path from the beginning.  I graduated from Northwestern in 1988 after a successful student experience where I was instrumental in starting and leading a research club at the school that teamed with their first full time research director exploring alternate ways of treating people.   

By the late 1990’s I was hungry to expand my soft tissue repertoire, and began taking more seminars on this topic, learning other approaches of treatment that helped to expand my model.  In the early 2000’s I began to investigate the fascial system (the living connective tissue system that organizes the body), how it organized the soft tissues and how I could fit this into my process for even better outcomes.  However, it was almost impossible to find information in English back then, as most of the research and teaching around fascia was being done in Europe.  While expressing my frustration to an instructor at a new cutting edge soft tissue seminar, he recommended I look into a new body of work being done in Canada that he described as 3 dimensional fascial release work. Three months later I was in Toronto learning this new technique called Matrix Repatterning Therapy.  I realized that I was hearing a concept that I had never heard before, yet it seemed to make so much sense. The key issue was deeper than the muscles and joints, it was in the dense framework of the body!  I was so excited to see how it worked for people. That was 2003. I’ve never turned back. Since then, Matrix Repatterning Therapy has changed my life, my career and over a thousand of my patient’s lives. I invite you to explore this revolutionary model of treatment and how it may help you by perusing the rest of this website.