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Dr. Andy Stella DC, CMRP, has been in private practice since 1988. During the first half of his career his focus was on various types of soft tissue therapies, joint mobility chiropractic adjusting and other forms of biomechanical support, such as flexibility and strengthening exercises, orthotic support, taping, etc...

In 2003, Dr. Stella was led to a life and career changing approach to understanding why and how most people are injured, have chronic problems that need repetitive care and how to treat those injuries in a more permanent fashion.

This therapy, developed in Canada by Dr. George Roth DC, ND, over 30 years ago is called Matrix Repatterning Therapy (MRT). Matrix Repatterning Therapy is now Dr. Stella's primary treatment approach as it brings "outside the box' types of results for most appropriate clients, including chronic pain clients, concussion/tbi clients, new impact injury clients and athletes with recurring problems.

MRT states that the problem is often in the frame of our body (primarily the bones and sometimes the dense organs) and not the soft moving parts (joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia) which most other practitioners are treating. This tension comes from a lifetime of impacts to the body, such as falls off of playground equipment, slips on ice, bicycle falls, skiing falls, car accidents and many others. Sometimes, especially when we are young, these are not recognized as injuries. Matrix Repatterning Therapy recognizes, finds and more permanently treats these tension patterns using two handed gentle compression therapy. Please watch the following video to understand more.

Watch this 2 1/2 minute video explaining its' simple uniqueness:



In November 2010, while driving, I was stopped to make a left hand turn when I was hit from behind at a high rate of speed by an inattentive driver. Needless to say I was hurt - badly.

After my accident I had a lot of recovery to do. I saw many specialists to try to heal my neck, upper back, low back, chest and shoulder injuries. They tried and gave up - “there’s nothing more we can do for you - you’ll just have to live with it”. I was distressed to hear that for the rest of my life I would have to live with pain and injury.

I thought there was no hope for recovery when a friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. Andy Stella DC. He does 'Matrix Repatterning Therapy'. I made an appointment. Dr. Stella told me that he could help my pain and get my body to a place where traditional medicine could also help more. Because he didn’t tell me all other practitioners were inadequate and Matrix Repatterning was the only way for me to get better, I trusted him. He wanted to work with my other doctors to enhance what they could do for me. His gentle assurance gave me hope that I could get better.

Before my first appointment with Dr. Stella I looked at his video on YouTube explaining Matrix Repatterning. Matrix Repatterning would put bones, tissue, organs, my entire body back where it was before being traumatized in the accident. It sounded simple but could anybody really do that? I was open to trying.

At my first appointment Dr. Stella was kind and gentle, optimistic and reassuring. His manner put me at ease. He started to work, gently pressing different places where I had pain. When he was done I got up and immediately felt better. Not just relief from pain in the areas he had worked on but a general wellbeing. My next appointment was the same. I felt better all over. After a few appointments I had a bounce in my step and my whole body literally felt ten years younger!

Some people think it sounds too good to be true but really it is too good to miss out on! Why wouldn’t you choose to feel great? Matrix Repatterning is a simple concept but a medical art. Dr. Stella is an extremely talented practitioner and a blessing in my life! I am deeply grateful for the gift of feeling good! There is nothing I could do or say that could ever repay him for the transformation to feeling good that he gave me. But thank you Dr. Stella!!!

- Cindy Waldt