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So, just what is Matrix Repatterning Therapy? Before you read the rest of this page, I'll ask you to leave preconceived notions and your knowledge of other forms of bodywork behind. They will cloud your ability to hear about something that is truly revolutionary. This is a completely new paradigm, based on science, anatomy and research, of understanding how the body is really built, how it gets injured and how to fix it.

Matrix Repatterning Therapy states that when we have hard physical impacts to our body it is the dense tissue that absorbs the energy of the impact which creates a tension pattern within that dense tissue (primarily the bones and sometimes the dense fluid filled organs). This is the frame that your soft flexible tissues like muscles , joints and fascia are anchored to, and this is the tension that those soft flexible tissues are trying to adapt to. So, if you experience, like many people do, recurring issues that require recurring care, maybe it is due to a tension pattern that is somewhere else than where you are being treated. I hope this makes sense so far, at least as a possibility.

To review, MRT states that we have underlying tension patterns in our most dense tissues that comes from a lifetime of hard impacts to our body, like falls off playground equipment, slips on the ice, falls on stairs, concussions, car accidents, bicycle falls, etc..., that stay with us permanently. This tension actually happens down to the cellular level in those dense tissues. Our soft moving tissues like muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments are constantly trying to adapt to that tension causing pain and dysfunction. Most practitioners treat those soft and flexible tissues. If that helps, great! But when it doesn't, or when you need constant repetitive care, consider that MRT, which uses gentle two handed compression to relieve the deeper "framework" tension, might be for you. Commonly, a more permanent and dramatic change can be made in the tension patterns in your body.

Matrix Repatterning Therapy was developed by Dr. George Roth ND, DC from Toronto, Canada and is based on the scientific constructs and research of Harvard University researcher Donald Ingber, PhD about the tensegrity structure of our cells, and on the theoretical concepts of tensegrity theory of Stephen Levin, MD, orthopedic surgeon, and how that applies to our macro body.

Dr. Andy Stella has trained under Dr. Roth and has been practicing MRT since 2003. He is one of the most experienced MRT practitioners in North America.

Please watch the following 6 1/2 minute video for a deeper understanding of Matrix Repatterning Therapy.


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And for more information, please link to , the website of the developer of MRT, Dr. George Roth DC, ND.


We all have injuries. Whether they came from falling off a swing or slipping on ice, we typically forget about them. But for me with each year mine became more painful and debilitating. After years of struggling to cope and exhausting options in both traditional and alternative medicine, I found Dr. Andy Stella.

 Dr. Stella’s knowledge of anatomy and skill in Matrix Repatterning Therapy (MRT) permanently worked through my injuries. MRT is a small but growing approach for addressing injuries that modern medicine is just beginning to discover the significance of. For me, it has been a godsend. MRT answered why I had pain that seemed to elude all other practices. Not only did it free me from pain, it has restored my quality of life.

Jonathan A