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What is it that you are doing with MRT and how do you do it?

When we apply MRT, we are using two hands to very gently compress the injured area. Done with the correct amount of pressure, according to the density patterns of the injured area, it slowly relieves actual physical tension within the cell structures. Most often, this is within the densest tissues of the body; the bones and fluid filled organs.

How is MRT different from other forms of care?

Almost all other forms of musculoskeletal care address the pulley-and-lever system of joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They try to affect movement, alignment, strength or flexibility of those structures. MRT differs because it treats and relieves tension within the tensegrity cell structures (primarily of the injured bones and fluid filled organs). Relieving this tension is like releasing tethers that have been holding the pulley and lever system back. If you have these injuries, relieving them can be foundational to the effectiveness of all other forms of care.

How can that help muscle or joint pain or other symptoms?

Our body is an interconnected web of tensegrity cell structures (every cell in our body). Relieving this deep tension from a lifetime of impact injuries has the potential of relieving physical tension patterns throughout the body.  Since the tension from these injuries transmits to the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia, reflief of this tension may provide significant relief to those tissues.

This has been a sort of undiscovered aspect of our injury patterns until it was recently understood through the cell structure research of Ingber, PhD, the theoretical constructs of Levin, MD, and the practical application discoveries of Roth, ND, DC. 


Does it hurt to receive Matrix Repatterning?

Matrix Repatterning Therapy is a very gentle approach to hands-on body care. It is very easy and relaxing to receive, and it practically never hurts. Sometimes temporary pain patterns may surface or resurface when your nervous system awakens to a new pattern of tension as you improve. This may last from a few hours to a few days; it is a sign that this gentle therapy is helping. We sometimes find that people under significant emotional duress may have a more difficult time adapting to the changes made.


How many visits might it take? How long is each visit?

The typical client may need from 6 to 12 (5 to 8 for most concussions) one-hour Matrix Repatterning Therapy visits in order to exhaust alleviation of "Matrix" injuries. People with an extensive trauma history may require more visits. Most people come in once a week; some more often, some less. It depends on how quickly you want to get to the bottom of the issues.


How do I get these 'Matrix' injuries?

Whenever there is enough energy from impact trauma to the body that the densest tissues of the body ( bones and fluid filled organs, such as kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, brain ) absorb the energy of the impact creating an underlying cellular and molecular tension. For example it could have been a hard fall on the ground, falling off a bike or horse, being hit hard by an object like a baseball or bumping your head real hard. It could have been a heavy, hard object that fell on you or it could be from an auto accident. In other words there is usually a hard impactful trauma. Sometimes, though, we are finding that high speed dental drilling or even surgical scar tissue may be implicated.


Does it have to be recent?

No. It can go back a long way. It could have happened in childhood. Sometimes these types of traumas are hard to remember, especially if there were no broken bones, sprains or doctor visits associated with the trauma.


What if Matrix Repatterning doesn't 'fix' my problem?

No one approach to the body can fix everything. The body is very complex. Diet, stress, posture, repetitive strain, etc., can all limit how well you may do under any type of care. However, for the type of clients we see at Integral Chiropractic Inc., (generally people with frustrating chronic problems) we are finding that Matrix Repatterning Therapy can be life changing for some and greatly enhances our clinical outcomes for others. If there is more to do once Matrix Repatterning Therapy is exhausted, we will move into our other approaches or make an appropriate referral. If you have a chiropractor or other practitioner that you already see we will strongly encourage you to do follow up care with that practitioner. Commonly, clients that have finished MRT find that the results from other forms of bodywork care are enhanced and easier to obtain .


How much does it cost?

The fee for your first visit including examination and treatment is $170.00. The first visit lasts approximately 2 hours. Subsequent treatment visits, lasting 55 to 60 minutes are $170.00. The visits will primarily be Matrix Repatterning Therapy and may include chiropractic adjustments, various forms of muscle/soft tissue therapy or electro-accuscope therapy. Cost can be managed with MRT by spreading out time between visits, if necessary. We don't lose progress over time, as you do with other forms of care.

We do not take insurance for MRT. It is a one time investment in ones health. Often, health savings accounts and cafeteria type plans reimburse for MRT.